Wagner Subritzky Homestead

The Wagener Subritzky Homestead is a rare example of an early pioneer homestead in a remote area to have survived in original condition. The main building is constructed of local materials and can truly be regarded as a building of its place. The significance of this historic homestead lies in the collective values of its designed landscape, its buildings, artefact collection and archaeology.

The services provided included the preparation of a comprehensive conservation plan, contract documentation and specific methodologies that led to the implementation of conservation work for the landscape, artefact collection and buildings.

Close collaboration with a multidisciplinary conservation team was essential to ensure the authentic survival of the precinct as a whole and conservation of the spirit of this special place.

ServicesConservation Plan Documentation Material Analysis Funding Applications Project ManagementClientWagener Houhora Heads Endowment TrustPartnersGeometria Ltd | Chester Consultants Ltd | Endangered Gardens Annette McKoneDate2004-2009