Takapuna Grammar School

Takapuna Grammar School on Auckland’s North Shore has been a place of education and community service for many years.  One of the earliest major buildings in this suburb, it still exists as a landmark building today.  Designed by Mr W.A Cumming, NZIA president and architect for the Auckland Grammar School Board, it was one of a number of significant schools which he designed around the Auckland region.  Ground breaking when first opened, it was the first co-educational school in the (then) Auckland Grammar School Board’s jurisdiction and its first headmaster, Mr Colin Littlejohn, took a progressive view of education aiming to instill in his pupils the true public school spirit, revealing to them that formation of character is more important than scholastic or athletic success.

The school is a place of important cultural heritage value. It is particularly significant due to its age, its strong architectural style, history, its association with groups and individuals of significance, its direct role in the local and regional community, and its part in the early development of the North Shore suburb.  In recognising the value of Takapuna Grammar School, Archifact – architecture & conservation ltd was commissioned to undertake a conservation plan for the school, and co-ordinate work with other professional consultants.  In accordance with work recommended in the conservation plan, further documents have been prepared to guide repair work, seismic strengthening works and future conservation and use.

ServicesConservation Plan Design & DocumentationClientMinistry of EducationPartnersDate2013-2014