Plan Change 163 – Environment Court

The Auckland City Council initiated Plan Change 163 to introduce blanket controls on all Residential 1 zones in an attempt to protect an assumed special built heritage character in the area.

Archifact-architecture & conservation ltd was commissioned to provide specialist evidence to support (in part) the New Zealand Heavy Haulage Association’s submissions to the local district council’s proposed Plan Change 163 as part of a consultant team in opposition to the blanket controls and assumed on implied heritage values associated with all pre-1940 properties.

There is a discernible variation between Residential 1 zones across the city, and the controls under Plan Change 163 have little regard to the defining and distinctive characteristics of the zone. It concludes that the protection of the character of an area, and the survival of heritage buildings within that area, are two distinctively different issues that should be governed by different mechanisms.

Archifact-architecture & conservation ltd works collaboratively with a number of experienced barristers and planners in this process to ensure delivery of strategic materials.

ServicesExpert WitnessClientNew Zealand Heavy Haulage AssociationPartnersDate2006-2013