St Alban’s Anglican Church, Auckland

St Alban’s Anglican Church in Balmoral has been a place of worship and community service for many years. Today the church precinct is a distinctive landmark reference on Dominion Road.  The original timber church was of Gothic Revival style and was designed by Arthur P. Wilson in 1885. In 1904, Rev H. B. Wingfield, the first resident vicar and architect, designed a Romanesque styled brick chancel extension to the church. The combination of Gothic Revival and Romanesque structures appear aesthetically as a whole and complement each other.

The church precinct is a place of important cultural heritage value. It is particularly significant due to its age, its conglomeration of architectural styles, chapels, organ, mixture of congregations, history, its association with groups and individuals of significance, its place in the local and regional community, the quality of its fittings and liturgical furnishings (including items of unique value), its essentially original condition and its association with the Cathedral and Abbey Church of St Alban, England.  In recognising the value of St Alban’s Anglican church, Archifact-architecture & conservation ltd were commissioned to undertake a conservation plan for the church precinct, and co-ordinate work with other professional consultants.  In accordance with work recommended in the conservation plan, further documents have been prepared to guide urgent repair work and future conservation.

ServicesConservation Plan Funding ApplicationClientSt Alban’s Anglican Church Vestry CommitteePartnersDate2004-2008