Sir Peter Blake Marine Education Centre, Long Bay

The Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre (MERC) is an internationally recognised education and leisure facility targeting young and disadvantaged children.

Archifact-architecture & conservation ltd was commissioned as design architect to work on a development proposal to accommodate additional requirements for the collection of existing community use buildings. The proposed masterplan aimed to enhance the existing buildings and realise further potential on its marine site.

Work was undertaken and signed off in a phase-by-phase arrangement to suit the nature of this externally funded project.

Through forward planning and negotiation with the local authority, the site was granted a certificate for public use during the construction implementation stages, allowing the facility to continue providing services to its core user group and the wider public while construction work was undertaken.

ServicesDesign Documentation Project Management ClientSir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation CentrePartnersChester Consultants Ltd Date2004-2008